Local website operation must avoid when born suffering died in the comfort of the occasion

blew up a wind from the station for 08 years, the local station sites with the wind started to build, 08 to 13 years for over five years, countless local sites fall in the past five years, numerous local websites and search engines before birth, is now a series of local website can be said to be the initial victory, but this was not enough, for the vast majority of local sites is not equal to the initial victory victory.

But in fact,

is now ranked top three in many places the local website already became proud, owners and managers income jiejiegao pleased with oneself in the face of this situation, many website user experience is the monthly decline, my city is Hebei Baoding, I remember when I was in Baoding in October last year there was a very famous website, the website at that time the station has spent 3 years finally website operation success, daily traffic exceeded 4000 mark, due to poor management, it not only in the past three months, this website has been paid little attention, because the website content is copied, there are many scams abound in the website. The site’s failure to make money and ignore the user experience led to the final failure of the site. From this, we can see that the local websites were born when they were suffering, and died in the time of peace and happiness.

A local

website is just one of many sites, for the entire Internet industry, the existence of this problem, most websites can be very good to do customer service work in the struggle period, once the site of the results, so webmasters will lead to the final failure of network pleased with oneself, stand, face this kind of situation is not only a place for website owners need pay attention to learning to avoid this behavior, for most webmaster speaking they also need to avoid this behavior.

when the site had a little achievement, you do not need to master pride, pride is not your capital, after the site performance we have to do is to secure their own achievements, we are not pleased with oneself, should be pleased with his achievements, but we need more to listen to the voice of the user. The user is the pillar of the local site, now a part of Baidu, Google left the site can still survive, rely on the support of the users, we can see from the core of things to do in the results after the website is: improve the user experience, and customer service.

First of all we should let

with the user, ads on the site to the appropriate control, you can easily search for local website webmaster in Baidu, look at these sites advertising is not accounted for half of the page and above, and the key is even now there are local websites to make money also have pop ads, I don’t know what to think of the webmaster, flow does not allow you to play pop ads, it is a waste of traffic to your website.

then we should dig a new idea to improve the operation performance of the website, we may not result in before the web site does not have much income, the results of our income also don’t take hold, we need to do is dig more reasonable thinking to promote the website.

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