How to make a whole plan for a website

today, let’s explore the site planning method, for this purpose, access to a lot of information online, here to share with you:

we think it’s better to make sure you do what you want to do before making a website, a ship without a direction, and any wind is against the wind. In fact, as long as you are very clear you do the purpose of standing, can find yourself site positioning. Of course, the positioning of the site is based on a lot of information, many things you can not decide, often because the information is not enough, so there is not enough confidence, then I dare not make a decision. So clearly do stand to determine the direction of navigation, this time to collect a lot of information, to test your own decision! Is good method to collect information directly to a competitor’s site where a walk, see what their attraction, they put much advertising, how they are they are profitable, how to do marketing, how do they flow…… I think when you look at a large number of sites, collected some good methods, should be some idea, this time we should combine their actual situation and methods, not everyone is suitable for yourself, only with their own advantages, to play the biggest role.

when we completed the planning of the most critical first step, to put their own ideas roughly written, documented, and continue to improve, this time can gather friends opinions and ideas, and this is very necessary, often in different industries, different people can experience this is beneficial to the operation point of view. It would be better if you could find the following categories: accountants, bosses (small business), experts from your industry, lawyers, marketing personnel, and business people. After full consideration, write a more complete plan, the plan should be detailed to each column, must be considered comprehensively, otherwise it is easy to sudden new content, destroy the overall planning of the site. Of course, this is not to say, will not add new columns, but the overall design is to consider the problem of expansion of the site, before the investigation so many sites, there will probably be a development direction in the planning must take into account the development issues.


gets the plan, it is necessary to divide the key points and difficulties of the whole plan. Let us talk about the key is how to make the site to survive, survival are usually based on a sustainable profit, if there is no long-term benefits of any website, it becomes a public website (only with money to raise)! Have profit point, and the profit continues, this is the key. Since it is the key point, we should focus on it and focus on this one. The difficulty is that the website may profit, may meet the difficult problem, first analyzes the reason, lists one by one, one by one, solves. And there are some of the importance of the site is not large column, first leave an interface, do a simple static page introduction, it does not spend too much energy. Then use the same method to plan each column,


the whole plan is as detailed as possible, and leave it behind

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