‘m from home appliance repair to the station for a few years


website has been four years, very few published experience today some time I do this several years of experience to introduce, I want to say is the fundamental interests of the website or for profit, sustained by stationmaster alliance income rather than focusing to the traditional industry, the income may be much more than trash! Introduction: to talk about my own occupation, I am 26 years old from 16 years old to start learning appliance repair shop has been very good, a lot of price adjustment until 2003, household appliances maintenance, not much profits began to consider a career change, then look at the prospect of a good MP3 service. I went to Beijing to learn about the MP3 maintenance technology, and spent more than 3000 of the purchase of a MP3 firmware (firmware is the system in MP3/MP4, because the use of FLASH as storage medium, so the system is vulnerable to damage)

MP3/MP4: 7 * * * damage become firmware problem, but to buy back after missing a lot of damage has been found that CD firmware can be used, then Baidu search on the MP3 firmware download site found no lack of a professional firmware download site, and I grew up to be a professional firmware download site, the original on the site do not know someone spent 500 yuan to do a download site, is a forum for DVBBS 6, every day to send some firmware, slowly people up. More than 100 people a day visit to the beginning of 2004, membership reached more than 3000 people, then I put my own collection of firmware sorted and burn a CD for sale, the idea is just trying to buy the firmware can earn back the cost, but it makes me overjoyed! The one month to sell 4 set, a set of 600 yuan, 2400 yuan of income, will be doubled! With the popularity of MP3, in 05 years by selling the firmware for a month’s income has exceeded 20 thousand, up to a day income of more than 7000, and each site of IP is only more than 300, this is also a point of view I explained, IP not necessarily earn less


Innovation: in the 07 year people began to follow my station, after purchase from me and then burn CD continued after low sales, let me realize that the CD sales is not a good way, began to stop selling CD instead of direct download on the website, buy a server set a "firmware search engine" in sales members, which can not only prevent others reselling my CD, also can often update. The first month a member did not buy out, I was for yourself whether the wrong, one member suggested that my membership price down, depending on the amount of go! After investigation found that we still support to download the firmware directly on the site, but the price is high, I simply from a the package 600 years into 200 yuan, second months sold more than 200 members of


stations abroad: 08 years beginning with MP3MP4 plunges, maintenance has been yesterday, buy firmware less and less people, but I found that the lack of Chinese digital production.

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