Foreign trade station four points to promote the summary of foreign

a lot of foreign trade enterprises to go abroad, to all corners of the country do business, to go abroad, let foreigners better understand their business, believe that this is a lot of foreign sites hope, but sometimes, but can not find the effective way of promotion, and let people worry about. How to find an effective way to promote, for which I summed up some methods:

1, and some using Google search

Google in foreign influence, that is the lever, so we want to search the effective use of Google, if you have a demand for your product is the name of the company to hand, copy it to the search bar, click on the search, the following will appear a lot of the company, participate in the exhibition or B2B or the association, through these, you can find more need your products and similar foreign companies.

2, pay attention to links in foreign websites

foreign website, you need to look for the "links" word, if LINKS, generally include a cooperative company web site, Association Web site, don’t ignore the content, through these websites you can search a lot of useful things, it can bring you a lot of surprise.

3, limited to find information about a country or region

if your trade website is for Europe and the United States, so you can search related information, a regional or national search for example, the United States foreign trade station, you can make SITE:USA this way, you can avoid a lot of you don’t need the national site, accurately positioning the country to search you information.

4, the exact choice of site categories

site selection, about your website promotion success, many European and American Association of these countries are at the end of the.Org, so you can use SITE:USA.Org to find the sites in this site, there will be a lot of members with information, including name, address, contact, connection, even the mailbox, sometimes, you have found a good association, it’s membership information, enough for you to send a month of mail.

through the above method, you basically can be effectively promoted, moreover, it is necessary to note, since it is to do business with foreigners, so that browsing speed of your target customers to your website, there is a requirement of the. As we build English station, generally choose GoDaddy application domain name, buy ixWebHosting space, and IXWebHosting in order to enter the market to set up a Chinese Chinese website (, and also supports Alipay payment, this gives us trouble is reduced to a great extent.

good website mode, stable hosting space, plus effective website promotion, then I believe it will be your enterprise

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