For early entry into the field of grassroots webmaster

wrote to just do a little bit of grassroots Adsense, if you are rookie webmaster, if you can patiently read this article, then your website construction road will be less, knock mix, more flat. If the above two can be directly back to the main layout is not satisfied.

first statement, I am also a rookie, although the contact website for a long time, from the beginning of 2000, but to stop doing, wasted too much time, so now I’m just a rookie, just a rookie old, but because I was a rookie, so I said things are easy to understand. Should be some help for you novice, at least a lot of detours,

, the first step: why do you want to do a website to have a clear understanding, do not want to make money in order to make a site, so that only will breed eager for quick success and instant benefit, and a little frustration will be frustrated. This is really critical, and now, in order to do GGadsense or other advertising alliance and site should be a minority of it. What if you are interested then you have half the success, so you have to hold the attitude of learning, slowly progress to do a website, down from the basic HTML language and DW learning, not started thinking of what to do SEO (search engine optimization), do anything to lay a good foundation is very important. Living / learning website is also so,


the second step: give your site a correct position, do not think to do very cattle, do a professional website is the most practical for beginners. Fantasy up to do a daily flow of tens of thousands of IP portal station possible? Impossible!


third step: choose a site with their own location in line with the domain name is also very important, select the domain name should pay attention to simplify as far as possible, do not use some very long domain name (except for certain meanings), such as: pcope. Cn, this is to let a person can understand the meaning of the domain name), if you want to register the domain name is registered, you can consider adding some specific figures, such as: 52 (I love), 51 (I), 54 (I), 17 (together) and so on. If you can take into account your registration of the domain name user keyboard is convenient? Like Baidu, Google on such a domain name is very convenient, you can try to play when registering, the customer is God! Can you want something for the user, as they bring the most convenient. They will bring more traffic and Money to you! Now 1 dollars a CN domain name, what are you waiting for? Rob oh.. Here a little attention to, do not want to rely on the good domain name registration is rich, professional growers have long had registered, don’t waste time looking for the domain name, the time saved learning web pages is to


fourth step: choose a good space business, I want to say to you grassroots webmaster, do not use free space. The speed is slow, it’s not stable, and the free space provider wants to shut your site

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