From the advertiser Ali’s mother’s next step

Ali mother as a small and medium-sized websites excited for a long time advertising platform, recently seemed to appear not only Jingshenbuzhen, Baidu alliance and Google Adsense’s revenues are not affected, even those who also live website alliance abnormal moisture. This allows the industry to put their subversive hopes left.

Ma is a smart person, almost never do anything steady work, he is playing concept, is capital, is influence. From the Alibaba, Taobao and Alipay, Ali software, without exception are the ideal can make people crazy, almost all and all Chinese and even the whole world linked to the project.

Ali’s mother turned out to prove it again. Ali mother to complete the advertisers and the direct grafting between the target, this market share only in terms of the current imagination, the year’s ten billion dishes or some. Far not said, just pick a few web sites of water, which is not millions or even tens of millions? Just buy and sell to make a difference, those behind the alliance will make site flow of oil well, mom’s going to be a really less than Google’s giant Niudong east.

from Ali mom website operating data for a period of time, its access, registered users and other aspects of an order of magnitude upgrade, in the personal webmaster who is also very high visibility there. Why suddenly fall into the bottleneck of development, become a little warm,


I think, maybe mom should go to the most concern should be the advertisers, the level of the work carried out very slowly, do not know because the various stages of the different focus, or Ma hopes for the near future is the influence of Ali mother webmaster, when I made the whole process for an advertiser to the experience of the Ali Mama, there was a feeling not reliable.

should be said, in terms of user experience, Ali mother is under a lot of effort, for some advertisers may be required, such as registration, text link chain and banner customized advertising and means of payment convenience and so on are still do good, but with the pursuit of the final advertising effect, the experience is just a subordinate position.

If you think of

, to the Ali Mama advertising is generally two kinds of people, one is 4A’s advertising specialist, two is the site of the marketing department person in charge of advertising, the former is more representative of the company for their services, the latter is the task index directly with the boss over the.

4A company services are basically 500 strong enterprises, in the process of China’s commercial Internet, the top 500 can not be denied, their advertising directly contributed to the survival and development of network media.

however, 500 have been put are brand advertising, they are more likely to pursue exposure, arrival rate, and after the exposure is what, or there is no statistical or no statistics and tracking.

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