nadvertently planted willow willow shady Baidu ah the achievement of my entrepreneurial dream

In fact, the

website for several years, made a IT website in 2004, after joining the Zhongguancun online station, certainly earn a little money, but in the end because of some reasons, from the original one out and made a IT website, because I have been in the computer market has worked for several years (in fact is the machine of IT) so a better understanding of this website, feel better to do. Since 2007 after the new website has no money what money, in addition to the cost of the server, he bought a computer, my wife bought a computer, my dad bought a second-hand computer, bought a digital camera, get a driver’s license, the body is empty. No money you have to think of ways to make, before is only the dealers and manufacturers of advertising, do not pay attention to the promotion of Baidu and GG, not to mention other advertising, these ads are now put on, but a month later, Baidu day is about 1 GG at $0.2, on the other hand to pull some dealers advertising, I feel very tired.

in mid October, Baidu have started beta, the days felt very confused, just want to do a Baidu has ah school, because before Taobao opened shop, to find relevant material on the Internet, the view that the content is very practical. The old rules, from the Internet to scratched a relatively clean template, with two days to put up the channel, and then to find related articles reproduced, such as Taobao’s material processing into Baidu has ah, what the title content slightly change the change, take one day to enrich the content of the website look, look and feel a lot of fullness. ) and then, if you have time, update a few articles every day and throw it away.

10 this month, so I checked the flow, a look startled me, only 10 days Baidu has ah school this channel traffic has reached 2000IP, halo, and quickly change the template, plus advertising, can promote the added place with Baidu and GG, and then two days. In the Baidu alliance out of 13.65 yuan, dizzy, hits a channel is 10 times higher than my entire station hits, then check the GG day income of nearly $7, kuangyun, originally just to enrich the content, did not expect to become a tool to make money. And then some Strike while the iron is hot. slightly changed, if Baidu K, just a little a bit optimization, every Baidu stable current income in 18 yuan, the average GG at around $10 (it is a pity that the dollar is too much). Baidu has ah school this channel flow remained at around 2300 (Yahoo, cnzz only a few hundred, I may be too slow to server it), Baidu search, Baidu has ah ah school, school and some other words in the first. In ecstasy……

often in stationmaster net, but this is the first time in this post, do not know can not understand, in fact, is what I want to say, no matter how difficult, how helpless, how confused, don’t give up, you may only be a >

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