Dating website OkCupid success Cheats experiment with users

OkCupid is a very popular dating site in foreign countries, and they also have their own App applications. This article is from its website blog, the author of the company co-founder Christian Rudder.

I was the first to say so: "we will become very popular, we will be red lines for many people, we will achieve many things.". But OkCupid doesn’t seem to really know what he’s doing, and of course, other websites might not know. We haven’t done many things before, so there’s not much experience in the industry, and there’s no blueprint for that. In fact, most of our ideas and ideas are bad, and even some of the ideas that we can do are actually better. So how do you solve all these problems? The answer is to do experiments. The experiment will let you know everything, such as the following picture. The young child wants to do experiments to see if the potatoes will cry.

but we have recently noted that people don’t love by experiment, such as before Facebook launched their news feed, the "experimental" was also on the user’s body, but it was people dislike, but this thing and even the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are involved in. But guess what, everybody, PS. if you use the Internet, everyone is the object of an experiment, and even in some time the same person may also is the object of hundreds of experiments, almost every site had done so, or where so many successful


here, I’d like to introduce some of the most interesting experiments that OkCupid has done before.

Experiment 1: is love blind or should there be a goal,


OkCupid has been created for ten years, and the epitome of our company can be described in an old saying: "two steps, one step back.". Before we have a creative idea, want to create a App application for the blind, so we spent a year and a half to build the application, but instead, it lasted only six months in Apple’s App Store is on the shelf.

of course. Who told us that OkCupid company was a genius?. In the release of this application on the same day, we decided to celebrate, in January 15, 2013, we regard it as "love is blind", and we are very boldly decided to do an experiment, put all the photos above OkCupid are deleted.

during the celebration, all the metrics on our website have gone down, as shown in the following picture:


, but if the "love is blind day" with an ordinary star

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