Stop running back and forth site and new road

today was a sad day because of the intention to end the operation.

in the afternoon, I backup the data of the net, take photos of the first page, the first page of the channel, the list of the channels, the content page, and then export the database and download it to the computer. Since then stopped updating, ready to offline, stop operation. Never felt so miserable. In the past all sorts of setbacks, although more tore heart, but the net is more meaningful to me. In those days in Suzhou, she accompanied me through the unforgettable days. Has been like her daughter, as the exquisite, and raised her, but today had to end her life, into a compressed bag, stay in the machine. With the machine in the past five years, eight websites have a variety of story compression package, a sleep. They add up to millions, tens of thousands of code data, each row and each byte stream their efforts and Gudeng youth.

09 years of the end of May, after nearly two years of entrepreneurship, stagger home. Especially the 08 years from June to May 09 years, a person like confinement like sitting in the house for a year, sometimes there will be the spirit of trance, as if only one person in this world, one end of the fear from the heart frequently hit, when this feeling, then quickly dropped to the window to look out. In fact, hardship is not really what, never feel what to do physical work, hungry for a day, catch much of the code what bitter, because I know that mental torture, that was no hope, in solitude, struggle to capture each have not learned retreat pondering study, completed under expectations under the watchful eyes of the people. See friends all have fun singing and his girlfriend had to drop back to the heavy retire like engineering and watch the unreachable profits. The face of challenge and sarcastic but could not get anything decent excuse, had broken teeth pharynx to the stomach feeling, that kind of like claustrophobic heartbeat and frequent micro fibrillation late headache, hopeless brought that messy life, is the most painful. As a nightmare of the day, do not know how to get through.

rest at home for two months, at the beginning of August to Suzhou to seek a job, treatment can also start the company, like long tied stones running, and then start feeling solution. What almost no difficulty in Suzhou to make a sightseeing tour, and friends over the weekend, the feeling is comfortable. But the heart always inexplicable surge of disappointment in the future. Because you don’t have any websites in hand. Higher wages will not cover my expectations of my career. Without any project in hand, the chance of development is zero. 07 years, once thought of a "three stores" an idea, and then pick up again, continue to do, the original Taobao customers are more fire, trapped in the work, have to find an amateur can do things. Ya lie net, this domain name originally had, this is to buy for my sister to write design blog, and she has not used, I will start with. Rented in Suzhou that room, no net, although bought 3G network card, but after all, limited flow, in the company pre download good material, go home at night to do >

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