Why does a insist puzzle most of the webmaster

Hello, I am happy, nice to meet you, today in the SEO group, A5, seowhy and other sites to see a few articles, a lot of people are talking about insist, but how many people can really do down? Don’t see the webmaster wrote another article, do the site must adhere to, do not adhere to, you will not be successful, but in the end he insisted on? I see no? So, I also want to say today is the same reason, insist, not the rights of any person. Not you insist, you can achieve success, the most important thing is execution.

as a live in the Internet I also like you, there are many sites in hand, live a lot, also died a lot, every hand will update a number of new sites, but can persist, only one or two, so here I advise you the grassroots webmaster, please check each a station in your hand, to see which station can accompany you to go to the end, you can devote to the construction of the site, do not regret this life.


, full analysis of why most of the owners will not stick to the


case 1: the site has no fixed income and is forced to stop at

this is the most serious problem faced by many people, a website that requires a domain name to a hosting provider maintained, domain name of fifty or sixty a year, the domestic host every year hundreds, if the webmaster, it is not a small expenditure, what do. The site is now? For profit, even lose money, why, this is why many owners insist on not down.

case two: site positioning is not clear, a year changed several times back to

station is the most important interest, the interest is the power station to do, but you have to understand that your website is mainly to do what, if is the enterprise stand (acrylic http://s.shidingyouji.com/), compared to say, according to the type, patience to do; if other types of site such as, when you just created, you want to do a news website, for a month, Baidu seems not included, resulting in no flow, no confidence, but also find the news every day, tired, that confidence has waned; if you do is picture of the site, the more easy? Every day to upload some pictures on the line, do not want to how to write the original news every day. But later, as the picture increases, the flow is increasing, as a small webmaster, it can not afford to spend, so slowly give up…… Such examples are many, therefore, a website’s localization must want to be good, this is the stationmaster persisted the impetus.

case three: Baidu algorithm update down a lot of station

a station to do some days, there was traffic, income, life is very moist, suddenly, Baidu aunt came, overnight, K a lot of sites, this station!

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