With original articles to conquer Baidu included

many owners also know that now receiving more attention to the search engine more and adjust the content of the original site, if a station is not 20% of the original articles of words, so the station do not have much value is final, although you can achieve your desired flow, but the original structure itself is not a network station the core is very difficult in the future development. So I suggest you grassroots webmaster, original is kingly way.

is the key for web content, everyone is aware of this truth, the search engine to the weight of the original content is very high, it is very easy to understand, if every day you say to your partner "who said that the focus of what" is someone other than your personal content, estimate your friends you will feel no meaning. You, then SEO will do so, often sites do not update friends is not some inspiration, so if you have the original where never died. In other words, now many webmaster said Baidu is not included, do not update the site, of course, is now on the site have included, I made a site, is to communicate with the webmaster, as a hobby, beautiful pictures (www.mntp123.cn) of the moderator is that the advertising can be removed. Baidu submitted to the No. three, No. six on my site included, because I started to write all the original things, my SITE, in fact, the Baidu have to crawl on my site, I relaxed background updating the site, now included lead does not increase, but it can be seen from here, okay what is the Baidu will crawl. We do not have to worry about Baidu not included station, if he does not include the site, on behalf of his death, there is no latest thing of the collection engine, how can retain users?. But hard every day original article. But here comes the question. How does the search engine know that I’m original? How do you think about the engine?. For example, today I send articles at the station tomorrow, others will be reproduced, my station is a new station, no other weight high, search engine will think of others is the original, I was reproduced? We have not considered this problem, original thing now is not good reserved. False original things more and more, but Baidu, geoogle, or very fond of

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