There is no flow volume Taobao customers out where

see this title, I believe many guest webmaster friends have experience and I like it, do it single alliance seems to have become a habit, but in the past 2 months found their station IP more than before, the ranking is up, but no deal. There is very little a few cents to a few dollars, had to sigh, whether to give up to do Amoy Amoy? Where is the way? Amoy has become more and more difficult, can from the following several aspects to explain.

one, competition is more and more intense, and almost to the state of flood.

believe that many do Amoy friends have seen such a phenomenon, just about shopping search keywords, long tail word, there will be a number of guest sites. Include home page, inside page, forum post, bookmark. All can send the chain places almost everywhere is the Amoy products. All advertising, which makes users have to be tired of, how all advertising, and how can I trust you, buy your goods?.

two, similar pages too much, no substantive content, so that users see boredom.

guest know that 2010 is a single page in early years, making friends is also hard to make a fortune, but with more and more imitators produce behind another batch of completely similar single page, resulting in a user searches for a keyword, row on the first page is touched as the list form, but no substantive valuable content to users. Who should trust the user and buy the goods on which website?

three, all kinds of returning tools are endless. Who pays for it?.

Tao era is the emergence of a number of rebate sites, including various types of tools and plug-ins, and behind the 360 browser Tao guest labor consumed, it had to let us these small webmaster again with shame, we can earn money?

four, station group, API site of a burst of popularity.

API site madness included, standing group of monopoly, which also affected layer of many small webmaster income, now still had a number of stations have also let these small owners is not easy to have a ranking, was also down, but also a scared ah.

five, single out, single button, Taobao business goods shelves directly affect guest income

alliance, single out, single button seems to have become a habit, Taobao business goods shelves that buyers will certainly have to do to promote heart free, but for our small station, our hard work, who will ensure the income, before the single out even, but recent traffic seems do not translate, some of the remaining small list, really have to think about whether there is this road go Amoy Amoy, the way to the future where.


above analysis, also feel more hidden more and the guest, also talk about their views, want to Amoy go far, or to the user experience as commodity >

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