The income has come to an abrupt end and you have the wood to think about these problems

A few days before the Dragon Boat

bustling began, however, Baidu also to the many old station lively one, stable home page ranking for a long time the old station suddenly disappeared in the new rankings have many Not the least trace was found., on the home page, for this phenomenon, many owners think Baidu is out of the question database. I didn’t want to say much, because also encountered a similar situation, but this lasted for a long time, long recovery date (as of today, 6-27 still did not recover), website hit, taste really uncomfortable, and you talk about a few experience.

although I see in the A5 forum for webmasters and NetEase are included, the sharp drop of snapshot, but these only reflects Baidu does have abnormal, no impact on their profits, Sina and NetEase will not because Baidu this week is not normal but not a profit of 1 cents, while the income of us? With the Baidu wave will be halted, this is the lesson of blood, so we must start from the brand, from extra traffic, usually good internal strength, to reduce the dependence on search engine. Only in this way can there be diversified flow in order to live comfortably. Here are a few questions you can think about carefully:

one, you have your own brand,


brand is business, soul, but also the fundamental direction. So webmaster nets A5 is a brand, completely won’t be search engine algorithm update, because it has been popular. Quote a TV line: "you update or not update, I’m right here."". This kind of state perhaps is a lot of stationmaster want. Although many webmaster by leveraging borrowed from flow to survive, but this does not hinder the establishment of its own brand, many cosmetics website is an example, many mall platform is example, although they sell many brands, but they still have the sign. There is a sign to let consumers can not remember, heteronomy. Search engines are new and can’t update your place in the minds of consumers.

second, do you have your own collection of wood,


may a lot of people will say, I have a small blog, keyword index is very low, do is weak brand, if the blog has a name to build a brand that is bound to bring unnecessary trouble to the user, will directly affect the user’s choice and judgment. OK, this situation does exist, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, the brand can be weakened or even not, the collection? Don’t look down upon a collection of buttons, with the rank of the ups and downs, even dropped to 100, you can immediately reflect the advantages of. Between my hands several stations usually flow 200-300IP, because of the button, in the Baidu update ranking is also plummeted, but every day there are still about 50IP direct access, it is worth, only you think, only you attention, can realize its value. Do you despise it at ordinary times? Do you have any websites now?

third, do you have wood outside the Baidu flow?

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