Wap station how far away are you from me

with the 3G era, with several major telecom operators restructuring, WAP website is also expected to have the wap1.0 into the WAP2.0 era, like the WEB2.0 era, WAP2.0 era will also be user participation as the main core.

so these days began to study on the WAP, where to start from, huh, huh, of course, the existing WAP site management system began. In the Baidu Baidu in an afternoon, understand the management system of WAP, WAPMO and WAPEQ, the former and the latter is based on the development of ASP is the familiar PHP, WAPmo seems to have developed for a long time, and the latter was only a year’s time, wapeq is more fierce, because the source of PHP makes EQ advocates more, but at present and for the free open source, can be predicted under the open source is sooner or later.

tested several other WAP management systems in the afternoon with a single function and not as competitive as the web management system today. But, there is a system of web and WAP at the same time it has not found support, some of the only web management system have a plug-in, such as Dede, just a plugin can also support.

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