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to build a website is not only technical problems, not just to buy a domain name to buy a space station to get a page content posted on the can.

network in the world has too many sites that neither dead nor alive.


website needs is to live, the website also has life, just like the child of a person, it must grow, also should have the care of adult and pay painstaking efforts to cultivate.

The input of

website is not only the basic input of domain name space, but also the constructive investment on this basis.

website development is like a factory in general, can produce what people are interested in and needs of things, but also after-sales service. Therefore, the design of the web site, as conceived products, must be unique and can meet the needs of people.


website starts with the customer experience. Website such products in the network people will look tired, seize people’s psychology and habits, to do the customer experience website.

When the design, design and construction of the

site meet the needs of the people, the necessary periodic maintenance, updates and a large amount of promotion costs must be included.

is like wine is also afraid of deep alley, when people frustrated in the face of the computer, do not know when you need to access the website which, need website advertising to people to find the most direct place.

There are many aspects of


is in the major portals advertising, one is in professional search site advertising, first in people’s commonly used software advertising, one is by artificial or software can publish the site of advertising.

again for advertising in traditional media, is a television advertising, newspapers and magazines is a media advertising, is a local flyers advertising, is a small family mailbox promotional stickers advertising, a radio advertising, outdoor advertising is an eye-catching location.

, there are other advertising channels, through the network mass, mass mail advertising, mass mailing messages, advertising, mass games, News advertising, mass mobile phone text messages, group call voice color Ling advertising.

also through contacts, advertising, friends recommend and so on, but also through sponsorship activities, advertising, you can organize activities, publicity, but also through charity, support agriculture publicity.

all products are available through the above method to advertising publicity, in order to achieve the purpose of advertising, let people to understand the perception of acceptance.

different products or different websites have different aims:

is aimed at different groups of people, targeting different areas, targeting different cities, targeting different classes, targeting different interest groups, targeting different ages, and aiming at different educational levels.

can choose the advertising means and wide range according to different people’s preferences and different infrastructure requirements at different times

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