My network love affair and entrepreneurial dream

I was born in Henan, a revolutionary old liberated area, a small village in poor mountainous areas. From an early age, I learned that I must study well and get out of my hometown. I am lucky to be the eldest son of my family and bear most of the housework. But I went to junior high school and went to high school. Thanks to the hard work of my parents, and the selflessness of two younger brothers.

my spiritual awakening began in 1999. I learned from the small town, the only key high school in our county. I am one of only a few high school students in my village, and I have unlimited hope. Through study and contact, I hope to be free to yearn for the big world outside.

in the turn of the century, in 2000, through the school computer learning, I was encouraged by the students began the internet. Actually, I like it. The cost of living makes it difficult for me to patronize Internet cafes. Remember, the first time the Internet is the network management to help me apply for chat accounts, passwords are network management to help me set.

, my web romance has been there since then, and it’s at this point in time for QQ. In our class, there are many classmates like me who have devoted themselves to net love. At that time, the net love was simple, chatting, writing, and expressing emotion. Even our love is QQ, I have 6 digit QQ number, and then go into the social work, not often lost on the Internet, it is really a pity. If God is giving me a chance to do it again, I will definitely protect the 6 digit QQ number.

because there is no well-off living expenses, can not invite girls to eat, but also can not afford a good gift, I did not talk in high school love, the main emotions are given to an unlimited network. On the QQ, in the chat room express my love, and also received from all over the net friend and pen pal wrote letters. This is my greatest comfort, thank you.

I started online business early and dreamed of achieving my dream life through literature. It’s been tough these years, but I’ve been working on it. On the edge of work and entrepreneurship, the Internet gave me a platform. From the end of the college entrance examination in July 2002, I temporarily interrupted the seeds of literature. Because I enter society, need to earn money to live.

I mainly do network marketing now, help local and countrywide customer to realize informatization. In October 2008, I resigned from Baidu’s agent in Chengdu and started my own business. I set up an online marketing consultant studio. We have also been using QQ to connect my relatives, friends, classmates, and most important customers.

ten years, time is really fast.

from a village boy, I step by step closer to my dream.

thanks for this way to accompany our stupid QQ, you make us UniCom of emotion, the achievements of the business, to happiness, I think in the future you will be more exciting!


come on, try.

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