Some understandings about personal stationmaster and local website construction

, I’ve been in the personal stationmaster for five years. I studied design major during college. Like the web site, but also from learning web design began. I didn’t understand anything at first. Remember, when you are ready to learn to do web site, first to buy a database of books to see. It’s funny to think about it. DEDE/ Empire /php168/discu/thinksns/wordpress. These are my source and shift over. They are all skilled at them now. In five years, I ran around 5 Commercial websites. Among them, the first is a local website, Jilin University network.

borrow this website, I with you webmaster explore personal AdSense and local station relationship. Rest assured, this is not a soft text, because this site has been closed. First of all, with our experience before and after: as a local website, the audience is obviously young people in this city. As my station, it is the students in all universities in Changchun. First, we need to let the university students know our website. After two weeks of continuous supplement after we all through the night, the campaign officially started. There are four members of our group, all from our dormitory. Because our funds are not enough, we also use some other media in propaganda. happy net QQ group and other network media, we also play their own professional advantage, free of charge for the university around the small restaurant takeout menu design, then we introduce additional recipe website, posted to each bedroom. Of course, the entire printing costs are borne by the merchants themselves, we are only responsible for the pre design and post distribution.

our entire mass campaign lasted nearly three months, and in these three months, website traffic slowly reached nearly thirty thousand IP a day. You know, the number of college students in Changchun is 200 thousand. Such a visit is already very satisfying for us. In the meantime, we have upgraded several servers. It costs almost ten thousand yuan. During this period, the site received almost no revenue. As the new site, Baidu advertising alliance has not applied, we only hang several online Taobao League advertising position. Three months, advertising revenue is only more than 500 yuan.

since then, we have no illusions about advertising revenue, and have begun to turn to the site’s proprietary income. We have made several adjustments to the website: Six ad positions have been added to different graduate training institutions and civil service training institutions. This one can bring us 2000 yuan per month. Not much, but for us, it has become the capital we show off in front of other students. After all, we make money by ourselves.

at that time, online ordering system began to rise, we combined with their own advantages, please network company for us to customize the online booking system. This has become a turning point for our website to fail. At that time, online ordering system can be said to be very popular, we also read the relevant articles, it seems that the prospects are very broad. We were too

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