Webmaster want to get rid of search shaping network brand is the premise

I believe to Admin5.com around the webmaster flow mostly rely on the search to search on Baidu in China, if is not talk, let him who is Chinese boss, but with the Baidu algorithm repeatedly adjusted by search by Baidu is more and more difficult, but also not exclude those heroes website optimization, Baidu home position is limited, master is less and less, to abandon the search for the time to talk about the so-called building website brand, shaping the network brand is standing in the first step out of the search.

network brands believe that as a webmaster you listen and many, but the daily promotion in the site, everyone seems to do not pay attention to the so-called network brand, common promotion is to a URL of a chain. The so-called "network brand" is established in the network and formed brand. Network brand can influence the behavior of Internet users on the Internet, and at the same time, network brand is also a kind of good faith of another form of expression, Internet users can gradually form a word of mouth influence. With the brand will have the so-called word of mouth, reputation, brand, every webmaster is thinking of things. First of all, we should set up a good brand.

From the beginning of the

CN domain name is a piece of money at the moment, it is destined to today, personal webmaster in the network environment, although do not know is that the person mentioned the so-called "trash" concept, but we have to admit that in the garbage rampant on the Internet, the homogenization of the site too much. A CN domain name, download a source code or CMS, collected a few hours, a website with an air of importance was born, in previous years, or a few days ago, this really can be, although not well-known in the world, but really can rely on GG to earn a penny, if you occupy a certain position search the pockets of money is also rushing to flow to your heart, had to admit that the investment is a small, fast Wangzhuan site similar to the way, but as more and more Baidu After the adjustment, this model is more and more difficult to survive, take the Baidu the nerve to see how many websites can sit tight their position, I (http://s.zenyangjianfei.cn) of this website to search how to lose weight, Baidu ranked first, but now search on hundreds of pages without a trace.

After all, the site of the purpose of

is to make money, whether you are in order to earn money or rely on advertising to make money in other Wangzhuan mode, the purpose is the same is to make money, now rely on search traffic has to seem impossible, then I’m the only way out is to change the website of their own business ideas, and is no longer the search K or is that the rankings off, and then give up a new, from another so the cycle continues, I also like this, he could not remember how much you have done away with many stations, stations, registered the domain name not hundreds but almost, but in my memory renew the domain name because few, always didn’t get renewals at the moment have I left.

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