Ten charts see Ali Jingdong Amazon among the models who make the most money

Amazon, Ali

, Jingdong, to mention today in the U.S. stock market or Chinese electricity supplier in the market, but also one of the ride, probably only the three.

Amazon is the world’s electricity supplier market leader, came to the Chinese market, but a little enemy opponents, in China’s market share of less than 1%. In China, the rise of Ali in C2C mode, but did not expect to get up later, a self-employed Jingdong, said to start with their business super battle. Today, many people think that the electricity supplier has peaked, few have begun the layout of the line, the battlefield has more than stop on the line.

today, three have been issued earnings performance in 2016 has been fully open, we take this moment to compare several of the financial situation and the business in this regard, because there are different modes caused by differences in gross margin.

(since Ali’s fiscal year started in the second quarter of the previous natural year, in this article, if not specifically mentioned, it is unified as the natural year)

body mass

first, revenue is probably the most can reflect a company’s body mass index, from this point of view, the domestic electricity supplier KIA two maisan is pale into insignificance by comparison, Amazon’s revenue even more than the other two and.

, but Amazon is one of the oldest in history, Amazon was founded in 1995, and the other two were created in 1998. From the growth point of view, the old Amazon became the most slow, the other two are in the race each other.

profitability: self profit space thin

followed by the gross profit margin, the most able to reflect the profitability of a company’s business done, generally close to the same industry, the same business as long as the main business is not changed, gross margin is relatively stable. As the current, three companies’ electricity supplier revenue is still accounted for about 90% of total revenue, so the gross profit margin of the three companies also reflects the difference between the three models of electricity supplier.

from the gross profit rate can be seen, only platform Ali gross margin is the highest, more than 60% profit model to collect fees and advertising show fees.

Most of the

Jingdong to run, the main profit model is to earn spreads, the gross margin is the lowest, only about 10-20%, according to the Jingdong for the latest quarter, net income in the fourth quarter of 2016 was $11 billion 600 million, service and other business income (mainly from the electronic commerce platform business) revenue of $1 billion 100 million, accounting for less than 10%. Some media have also analyzed, Jingdong business opportunities do not make money, while the third party platform business profit margins are not low.


is started to self, but according to the company said, in 2015, the third party seller has accounted for more than 45% of total sales of commodities of Amazon, and Amazon’s advertising profit model, and provide a single service charges for the shoe (> third party seller

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