See how tried to save Baidu’s station

this site is a server rental site that offers rental services including overseas servers. The station every day to update some leased articles, once lasts about 2 months of Baidu search server, the server on the first page of the first free, but during the break after a period of time Baidu bid, more than a month ago, Baidu update that home is down the right, just before the 10 page keyword search has not found to the home page, site page in the first position, the key is K, then stopped with doubts about Baidu bid, also suspected of links, a few days after the resumption of Baidu bid, last for a week, still do not see keyword back, check all Links, delete most feel connected, i.e. Baidu snapshot update slow, Baidu included reducing, Baidu site home, Baidu input all the domain name www can not find the home page, GOOGLEPR 0, to all To delete, and then wait for two weeks. Found the home page, and then Baidu SITE can not find. But enter the URL can also be found, but Baidu update home to September 25th,

let technology open the server log, found Baidu spider every day climb home page and update page, and this period of time, Baidu included from more than 900 to more than 1300. It feels weird.. The question is due to bidding. I got it from Baidu.

can’t help it. Not solve the problem with the total generation of Baidu is passing the. Continue processing. Summary to today, this site has done the following operations.

1, home page plus Baidu connection, and added a number of keywords (next week if not yet). Try to add Baidu ads or search. Get rid of keywords)

2, check friendship connection, the more than 30 friendship connection, be Baidu K out, drop the right, did not do all the connection of the site to delete.

3, reduce keyword density, from the original nearly 10 keywords, such as server rental, Taiwan server rental, and so on, reduced to the current few.

4, created a self generated keyword, which is written in an article read, the United States and Europe server, and then Baidu know the question. Also individual website sent the following relevant keywords. Through this, the weight can be restored.

5, add a few Baidu normal included keywords ranking first, snapshot updated every day site connection.

6, re do Baidu bidding, Ma, if long or not included home page, must give Baidu total call, past scold. Grass for him?. We Baidu bidding appeared a few days malicious click, a garbage word a day to nearly 1000 fast money. Find a Baidu said no wrangling. We stopped bidding, and ran to please us open, on those days, the main page of the lost. It must have something to do with it.

7, the site structure has made some changes, increasing the internal connection of the site. >

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