Xinjiang nternet control end Xinjiang webmaster you make money

recently, attention to a problem is more and more obvious, that is our webmaster profitable? Profitable website are those types of these websites? What profit, they can go to do? How to develop such a web control after the end of


first, it found that the us most is not profitable, not only because the messenger and small pen monopoly on most of the ads in Xinjiang, and the website users can maximize their own interests, their resources, each type of IP sites in more than 10 thousand of the sites have several. Most of them are advertising the advertising alliance, because most of them are individuals, and they have very little energy to contact advertising. However, Xinjiang people network so much, on IP at 10W station can have several? By the network control effect from this point on the site to continue the development in xinjiang. But without network control, there will be fewer websites. This problem is over here, and your website IP amount to 1W? Then do not talk about making money, first retain the Internet users, talk about profitability.

What kind of website can

gain? Why is profit? 8 when website navigation, it is the elite in individual stationmaster. However, the timing and the mind that, if 8 when the owners of the technology if compared to imagination in a little better in 8, when the monopoly of the network market in xinjiang. The web site navigation site navigation flood, most have fallen, there is a people on earth but not fallen all know site navigation, I observed a moment, people know that the earth is on the promotion and quality service to the new site navigation site navigation in talent shows itself in the many. At present, there is a profit website is a sex network, is the mall, right?. Xinjiang shopping malls and other shopping malls, they are more or less profitable a bit. E-commerce website is the mainstream website type supported by the government. Of course, some of the company’s products need web sites to support, 3D, Xinjiang, 365IT, and so on.


websites rely on advertising their own products, and paid services also opened up a space for the Internet in xinjiang. Private website is a kind of profit, and the most profitable is not high-tech. Before the boundary blow PW, create economic benefits, accounting for the bulk of the network market. Right now, online games in the market is also very official welcome users. And some paid entertainment services, but also accounted for a large part of the network market. 3A Chinese, music home, Bole recruitment network, 10070 download stations, model nets and a series of dating sites, they provide paid services in reality, there are entities for reference.

withstand the impact of the Internet after opening the network, but also a lot of network companies, as well as each individual webmaster are considered issues. Development of the local or follow the crowd, personal website sponsor on-site filing, in my opinion is to focus on adjusting the network credit mechanism, but this is a stupid method, needs to be improved. Of course, this policy will greatly enhance the network credit, and the development of e-commerce websites

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