Some qualities that a SEO webmaster should have

today, simply tell us about some of the qualities that SEO webmaster should have.

we know that the number of SEO webmaster in recent years in China is very large, especially the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises gradually found that the era of network marketing background, non enterprise nature of the number of individual Adsense is also increasing. But really can realize the profit mode operation of the webmaster is always still very small proportion, so what factors must be for the webmaster have,


first of all, I think technology must be the first. Without excellent SEO technology, you can’t make a profit, unless you’re a big boss and hire someone else to do it. Excellent skills, including excellent SEO theory knowledge and rich SEO practical experience. Not only to do the promotion of Chinese stations, but also to do foreign language station promotion; not only to do Baidu, but also do Google and YAHOO. This requirement is very high.

second, SEOer psychological quality can not be underestimated! Many webmaster is by the moment of passion to the site, they started the day in and day out optimization and update time is spent on the site, but after a month, two months if it is found that the key words did not achieve their goals even worse very far often, they will be lost, and even give up. This time, we must adhere to it. Only persistence can win, because SEO this thing is the effect of accumulation by time.

again, SEO webmaster physical quality is best to perfect. SEOER although not like programmers to work hard, but every day in computer time is definitely no less than the programmer, if the physical quality is not good, it is easy to collapse.

above is personal humble opinion, look forward to correcting! Thank you!


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