Tell webmaster bitterness Grassroots webmaster is Yang Bailao

is a grassroots webmaster, born in the new society Yang Bai Lao


why do you say so, for a few reasons:

1:IDC: website first contact is IDC, I come into contact with a lot of IDC, before you buy all that my services all over the world as if it were raining flowers, best quality, my hard, my technology first, my speed is the fastest! When you buy after the discovery is all bullshit problems. The treatment is not timely, can not solve the problem, network instability and so on! The answer is to give you some space to upgrade your program has a problem, and did not reply to you. Don’t bird you, what is more sinister providers to delete your data are possible! This is a general, our webmaster! Be careful in dealing with IDC, lest he take you a hot problem of lost ~

2 search engines: hard to do a station, submit landing, waiting! Can be said to have N station Baidu never included a page, K stood in the innumerable, the network, not the search engine bring you flow and want to develop a station can really develop difficult difficult. Hard, almost inaccessible! Recorded data, completely not used


3 Advertising Alliance: what is a station to? Money, it can be said that 99.99999% are for the money, and the 0.00001% is a public benefit organization! You may begin to make a station is not for the money, but when you get to do it, will definitely try to flow into revenue we need to contact! Advertising alliance this time! Now the domestic advertising alliance just like N, the amount deducted serious, as far as I know, the good points of the advertising alliance are deducted 20% black, half or more than half of the buckle buckle has, I contacted many advertising alliance, there are several a friend to work in advertising alliance! Now the price was low, they also like to buckle to buckle, what we drink! We really are the white work, there are a lot of funny stationmaster always showing off their income, but do not know you have a layer of skin to make you grilled Down, really should be a word, you sold, you still give others count money, although this, advertising alliance, we still have to be careful to wait, for fear he found reason K you number

!Parents and relatives in 4

: when you no profit or profit when the website is not much, you have to at home by a grievance, home that you work, from time to time by their look in your eyes just hate


now take me, in May 16, 2008 set up a station (station announcement, avoid the master always drifting and leave a word, AD identification is completed) 1 months to 3000IP still had to go, had to buy advanced space of a company’s 10 people flat-share! Before buying wonderful service. How to say that our space is good, but when I IP to 3000 when the website is often not open, 15 points 70 online at the same time all can not stand, is not.

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