Three aspects of Prudential pulse website let not stay dead

almost every website, every two to three years will be revised once, in order to build a new site, a more meet the requirements. But why do they have to be revised? A lot of people’s answers may be that the aesthetic view changes with the times, and that’s why most companies or webmasters rebuild their websites. Of course, there are many companies to update the website because the original site, the function can not meet the existing needs. We can interpret from a professional point of view, why want to update the existing site? Page art design is outdated, starting from the perspective of the user experience since the site, the no ground for blame, the main purpose is to give users see. However, the user experience is not limited to the exquisite page design, but also includes the content perfect, easy to use column layout. Website revision and production should not be limited to the user experience, but also need to take into account the search engine and more long-term network marketing work. Shanghai website construction company pilotage science and technology believes that the site revision should be at least from the user experience, search engines, network marketing three carefully considered.

one, website revision should be geared to search engine

puts forward the search engine first, because its popularity rate already surpassed 90%, has become the user to enter the Internet the gate. A website, an enterprise, can not make good use of search engines, open up the market, in today’s network marketing popular today, is undoubtedly a failure. The construction site for search engine, first of all should have the basic conditions of IDC good, such as fast and stable web host; followed by the site code is reasonable, convenient searching engines, and in accordance with the requirements of the search engine, the definition of META meta tags; the need to emphasize that the content value is fundamental to improve the website weight. Maybe some companies don’t expect to use a popular keyword search site, but at least by the company name, their official website should appear before the search results.

needs to mention is the focus, the search engine is not a highly technical work, but not everyone can be. Site construction, production oriented search engine, you need to sort out the existing site, identify the crux of the problem, and then may be targeted, with half the effort. Now engaged in the optimization of the site and optimize the diagnosis of many teams, including the official SEO group A5 ( is a focus on website optimization services professional team. Optimization of A5 group is the team’s Web site, has many years of marketing experience and website optimization, website optimization technology to improve the team, launched SEO training service, SEO optimization ranking service SEO technology professional services. Currently, the A5 optimization team provides SEO diagnostic optimization services to individual and enterprise websites. According to the author’s understanding, in all the teams that provide optimized diagnostic services, the A5 optimization team should be second to none, so praise, overflowing words, have been mentioned more than once in other articles.

two, website revision >

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