See traffic at the site navigation station from the traffic on the portal

for the average person, it is difficult to see the traffic data of some big websites, so the real traffic source of these websites can not be known.

today has no intention of seeing publicly statistics on the traffic of a car portal. Take it out and share it with you.


can be seen from the picture data, the station’s traffic is mostly from all kinds of navigation stations. Among them, the flow from is most impressive, reaching about 2W. Ranked second in the site is, 2K or so, and nearly ten times difference. And then 114la, 23453601616265 and other websites. This is in line with the actual rankings of the current web sites.

of course, the data of a website can not explain all the problems, but it can be seen that the contribution of the website to the traffic of a website is so great. Really want to see the site of the station traffic ranking, also need to see a lot of Web site, because each web site for site placement is different, is good also has a great relationship.

here to say, if a friend in the navigation station to do promotion, then is undoubtedly the first choice, the effect is self-evident. Of course, the cost of advertising will be many times higher than those of other web sites.

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