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if you are also going to start a business, Xiao Bian will recommend a golden idea for you to open a dry cleaning shop. Perhaps you would like to ask, is it difficult to open a dry cleaners? This is also a lot of people into the dry cleaning industry is most concerned about the issue. The main problems involved in the dry cleaning shop can be divided into two aspects: capital and technology.

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if self operating dry cleaners, dry cleaning technology master is skilled, directly affects the business volume of dry cleaners. According to the cost analysis of the industry, the cost of a dry cleaning machine and the cost of a single piece of clothing is the same, but the income is very different. Therefore, improve the amount of business can directly enhance the level of income of dry cleaners. If the owner can not master the dry cleaning technology, you need to hire a skilled master of business to operate, thereby increasing the cost of wages, increasing the cost of shop pressure.

In the process of opening


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