See the woman how to use loess net 200 million eggs

small eggs, the extraordinary achievements of life, the achievement of excellence in the future, who said the woman can not become a climate? Who says women can’t do great things. Here, Xiaobian to see a woman how to use the Loess netted 200 million story for you!

loess egg is Xiangyuan County Guo Village yuan’s family specialty in the family, she listen to grandma, not to let others know how to cook the eggs, others do not care. As long as there is a guest at home, always eat her boiled eggs, said very good, say it is, and she did not want to go deep.

once the son unit a few guests home, Mi Cuiping cook eggs with loess to eat them, they are foreign, eat eggs with loess feel very sweet, they solemnly said to me: "you are holding a golden rice bowl, dragging the begging stick, could make a lot of money on eggs." Your Boiled Egg can become a commodity, the first time she heard people say, and seen the world foreign said, these words make a bright, enlightened feeling some of Mi Cuiping’s eyes. The guest’s words made Mi Cuiping determined to bring her own boiled eggs to the market.

1995 September the Yellow River Hukou a tourism festival, I want to buy a broken egg of loess, then 212 Jeep home, cook a little egg on the Loess jeep to Hukou Waterfall (selling eggs, on the road of loess) under the heavy rain, the car went on the block on the good Mashan car. A car is tens of miles. Mi Cuiping do not know when it will be open to traffic, so carrying a basket of loess eggs along the car to sell, people have not heard of loess eggs, walked four or five miles to buy no one.

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