How can we successfully seize the entrepreneurial projects

entrepreneurship is the key to seize business opportunities. Only with good business opportunities, there is the possibility of success, to seize the opportunity to be equivalent to half the success. However, now the market is particularly large projects, entrepreneurs should be how to choose entrepreneurship projects should be how to seize the entrepreneurial project?

holds the project must follow the three principles: the principle of a product or service to make the brand may be; two the principle of product or service to the development of space culture; three principles; the product or service to be made of.


for a product or service, if the market has various stages of consumer brand, we don’t want to squeeze the market, because to squeeze the market, you must have the sales terminal, not terminal, who is willing to go to the agent for a non brand name products or service to the mature industry market competition? So the first principle is the product must be able to form a brand.

to form a brand should have two conditions, no such products on the market the first brand, with second extraordinary technology can increase the classification of this product. We give an example, copy the seeds, this business has thousands of years of history, from the high-end market scattered seeds seeds of various characteristics of seeds into the streets, with many brands, some street melon although no registered trademark, but perennial street also formed a fixed customer purchase.


so that consumers have a deep familiarity with the seeds, it is equivalent to the brand, you choose to copy the seeds of entrepreneurship today, so if you have the sales terminal, a supermarket to sell your seeds? Even if there is a sales terminal, the cost accounting is not cost-effective, small the size of a family to earn money is no problem, but to grow, is very difficult.

is certainly not without a solution, is to launch a special taste of melon seeds, we all love you taste, can also be through the franchise to grow, this is through the new technology to increase the classification of products.

second principles, to give the products or services of a certain cultural development space, how to understand this concept, in fact is to product or service the addition of a special culture.

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