nvestment adviser tells you how to use QQ space to do marketing

in China, almost everyone has QQ, this is no exaggeration. It is undeniable that, QQ is China’s largest chat tool, QQ space has also attracted a large number of users, then as marketers, we have to seize this piece of cake, someone’s place, there are marketing. How to create a QQ space for marketing tool? Here are the author give you a step-by-step solution:

Second, page layout.

a larger module set up, start the third step, continue to add graphics module, module title not fill, fill in the picture on the left side of the address, the right to link the address, and the related text, such as company profiles. In general, the best to add a few more graphic items, the same picture and related links, text. It should be noted that, in the last one of the best choice of graphics and text on the relevant contact information, address, etc., as well as corporate qualifications. After several steps of

QQ space in addition to the home page can do marketing, which is also the content of marketing. QQ album, the average user’s QQ album has 2G, enough for us to publicize their products, and their products are all pictures up

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