Wang Yonggang a pioneer in the development of disabled people do not forget compatriots


can compete in the talent shows itself from thousands of entrepreneurs are worthy of praise, especially for a disabled entrepreneurs, they get today’s achievements to pay ordinary people can not imagine the hardships.

Since the

in the Warring States scholar Mao Sui’s hometown in Jize County, the famous disabled entrepreneur Wang Yonggang filed name known, no less than. He twists and turns of entrepreneurial experience and enthusiastic ZhuCan moving deeds touched millions of people, known as "contemporary Paul" and "Jiao Xiang ambassadors" and was elected vice chairman of the county CDPF, Zhican association chairman, Hebei province is the first batch of "rural youth top-notch talent", Hebei province ", and" self strengthening model "outstanding member of the Communist party".

personal behavior — to the business elite

from people with disabilities

nothing Wang Yonggang began a long and arduous journey of entrepreneurship. From the age of 20, opened a clothing store in the county, to the construction work, moving bricks, ash pushing car, sieve sand, he also drove a cab to the brick factory, working with partners do chili paste factory, ten years did 13 jobs, was friends dubbed the "all rounder".

life arena players is not gold, but the stubborn Wang Yonggang experienced all kinds of hardships, but never thought of "giving up", never give up faith sustainedhim way. He had been alone to go to Kunming to send cold drinks, a heavier bike with more than and 200 pounds of cold drinks from the county and the surrounding rural rugged mountain road, one year time pedal broke the 3 pedal. He started to work on a construction site when work to do life, once 4 months to maintain attendance, a year down than healthy people earn more. He went to the field to run the business did not live in a hotel, not a high-end hotel, often only a few days to eat a few biscuits to eat, had created 9 days to eat and eat a record of $76. He is optimistic ascetic self is "travel around the world".

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