n order to prevent the parking of the nail plate

more and more vehicles, parking has become a major problem, therefore, street parking chaos phenomenon is very common, in order to prevent the parking put nail plate this trick is to make it out, Xiao Bian said this move is very dangerous, if someone stepped up how to do?


4 5, the net exposure of Longhai Road Street, a row of dense nails nails wood is placed into the street on the ground to prevent vehicle parking, "said the shopping center at the entrance to a building at the street square placed" nail plate "is located in Longhai Road and a road in the vicinity of.

Set the

set the "nail plate" behavior, causing netizens hot. The netizen said: "the good people ruthless, blind or unsuspecting people to go to bar to do."

"suspected of endangering public security. If there are pedestrians, especially the elderly and children were injured, according to the relevant provisions of the Tort Liability Act, the relevant aspects is to assume tort liability."

"if the kids ran and fell to do such excesses or not, just use what board can block, or on the road safety."

netizens support, also has the opposition, no matter what is the "nail plate" of the mind, but it does harm to the safety of pedestrians, parking chaos governance, protect the construction site which have no ground for blame but such behavior, once the damage to the people, can not choose a better way, and not to use the "nail plate" to deter pedestrians, it is really too hard ""!


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