Seven strokes teach you to improve productivity

an enterprise wants to have good development, so its productivity will continue to improve, so, how can we improve productivity? In fact, in the final analysis or innovation. Innovation is replacing efficiency as the first driving force of enterprise performance. It is the responsibility of the talent management staff to adopt proven effective ways to increase the success of innovation and cross functional cooperation.

1.  advance "free time" and flexible remote working mechanism. Almost every company needs to make improvements in productivity, creativity and innovation. Although many companies now offer flexible working hours, the mechanism for "free time" to think and innovate is more effective. Google and 3M , such as the company to provide free time and reputation, which Google provides free time up to 20% of the total working time. A more common option is to allow employees to work remotely, or to use flexible scheduling of the system, allowing employees to determine the best time and place for productivity. As the next generation of employees begin to look forward to the "trapeze" work, flexible work system is becoming more and more important. Research shows that when high performance employees are allowed to control their work schedules, productivity and innovation rates have been greatly improved.

2.  find out bad managers. Managers monitor the most variable costs in most organizations – labor costs – an average of 60% of variable costs. The manager’s actions will affect innovation, productivity and employee development, which can significantly affect the rate of return on investment. Unfortunately, bad managers are not uncommon, and they rarely hire top employees or innovators. The best way to avoid the risk of a bad manager is to set up a program to identify bad managers, also known as leadership or personal dignity. This kind of investigation can find out the bad manager according to the manager’s action and performance. Once found, the organization can take measures to correct, replace or mobilize the problem of managers.

3.  management of factors affecting productivity. Many managers simply do not understand how to effectively improve productivity. Most of them think that productivity improvement is to increase working strength, prolong the working time, and let the staff love oneself, key often lies in the improvement of productivity of employee’s skill, enthusiasm and remove barriers to work. Teaching managers to master the most productive forces of 20  factors, and provide a simple tool to deal with one by one, you can significantly improve performance. The effect of 20  productivity; factors including management skills, convey clear goals, continue to learn /  share knowledge, adjust the incentives and rewards, widely accepted performance indicators, the right timing, resource prioritization, freely two-way communication, cross functional cooperation, can get the right tools, data based on the decision method, input quality and wider team ability.


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