Spring Festival evening 8 language programs to control the quality of exposure is particularly stric

there will be two weeks or so will usher in the Spring Festival in 2016, this year’s CCTV Spring Festival evening show has entered the rehearsal of the 8 language programs, the content of the program is generally exposed, involving a wide range of concerns about the tastes of different groups.

with this weekend’s CCTV Spring Festival in the past, the year of the monkey on the second half of the platoon officially came to an end. Although the platoon did not arrange for spectators to watch, but the reporter was also informed that the forty Spring Festival Gala program, a total of 8 language programs into the final phase of the platoon. In addition, there will be a magic as well as a creative pantomime in the Spring Festival evening to meet with the audience.

language programs accounted for 2 to

The rehearsal process

the venue has 7 songs

story theater;.

since Louis Liu stood on the gala fame after the Spring Festival in recent years has been the magic to keep the program from the reporter is to inquire into the news, this kind of magic show is retained.

According to the recommended

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