What do you know about the shoe shop

The key is to have

business experience, experience one can not have, need to slowly accumulate, so we do not need to worry, Liang Xinwen is a successful business woman, so admired by many people. In fact, her entrepreneurial path is not plain sailing, according to her words, in the early also suffered a lot of suffering, only today’s success. When she was young, she used to be a salesman in a shoe shop, so it’s a thorough understanding of the industry. In a few years later, she started her career with 40 thousand yuan.

According to Liang Xinwen

, shoes customers to housewives and the elderly, more specifically, a thirty or forty year old housewife is the main consumer of shoes stores, many old customers will become loyal customers come back. Target customers for their own stores, she is also very targeted in terms of management.

"Excuse me" traditional culture


Liang Xinwen said that the cloth shoes are a certain historical heritage of goods, to expand the cloth shoes business, it is necessary to dig deep cloth shoes culture. She said proudly: "you look at my store, is not very unique? The Chinese people are willing to carry forward the ancestors of things can flourish. I also pay great attention to the choice of shoes in the cultural taste, you see this brand from Qufu Confucius family." She took out a shoe with the bag, kraft paper, printed with a pattern of "the Analects", also use a look very like the Imperial Palace paintings with a sense of history and local painting, shoes complement each other.

2. integrity as the service for the first

cloth shoes shop management skills? Liang Xinwen said that most of the old customers value integrity, so this is her business purpose. So she will not mind the price of shoes, with the service and integrity in place". For example, the customer came to the store to look at the shoes did not hesitate to buy, call home after delivery, even if it is a pair of shoes she will send home. In the cashier, a thick telephone contact with the customer, but also shows her care.

3. intimate promotion, open market

store at the beginning of how to open the market, Liang Xinwen did not mind. On a cold winter day, she had an idea that she could use. Cloth shoes shop management skills? So, she put insoles, masks, mobile phone chain, such as small gifts. Pay attention to the quality of cloth shoes, store slowly opened up the situation.

4. shoes also fashion, pay attention to innovation

spring and autumn two season is the peak season of cloth shoes business, summer sales will be reduced. Cloth shoes shop management skills? In the purchase must be quasi trend, to have a vision, can be combined with the region’s spending habits and spending power, to foresee the next season popular style.

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