Small photo into a good business projects

can now see this investment information, who did not have a few photos? But can you dig out business opportunities from these photos? Do you know that it can be the starting point for you to get rich? In fact, my picture is a very outstanding entrepreneurial project, and small to you slowly to explain!

old photo digital store let "nostalgia" pay.

A, old yellow old photos become a dazzling scenery, expressing a nostalgia for the people. Many people take out the old photos of all ages, all kinds of background, some even very valuable historical information. People who come to fix the photo, the old photos are cherished, in addition to the need for personal collection, there are some units to preserve historical information will come to ask for some old photos. Therefore, open an old photo digital design store has a certain market demand.

leaf photo shop "leaves" can be turned into money.


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