Join the details of Banu Hot pot duck

hot pot, which is a veteran of the food and beverage industry topics. How to make their own characteristics chafing dish is also all hot pot people are thinking about the problem. This is a Hot pot today we should say is through their own unique bottom will make a new Hot pot belly weather.

, Banu from the start date, with " trackers spirit " for the spirit of enterprise development; " let Maodu Hot pot to the global " for their mission; to " as the customer for family " service concept; " inheritance, innovation, win-win business philosophy for the " these are, relying on the Banu brand development, supporting a rich connotation of Banu brand. Deep enterprise culture make the Banu brand full of life, and create an excellent team full of strength and strong brand competitive advantage. In product innovation, Banu made great efforts and enthusiasm. From food standardization to refined operation, from the operation to fine management standardization, Banu companies carve out for enterprise development road in innovation and optimization.

, Banu pace of development has just started, is still learning and exploration, the growth of Banu in the market competition, will also compete in the market development.

the company with its own unique franchise concept and the success rate of 95% by the Chinese Association of hot pot as a development potential of the chain".

is mainly to Hot pot duck, duck boiled goods Hot pot. The first was born in Chongqing, so the earliest Chongqing Hot pot called duck Hot pot.


Chongqing Hot pot preference for old oil, adverse to health, affected the development of the Hot pot belly. Banu is to see this, launched a "green revolution", Hot pot duck in succession its delicious at the same time, to abandon all unhealthy products and technology, make the new Hot pot duck.


service is not the Banu characteristics, duck and the mushroom soup is

get rid of unhealthy food and technology, is the first step of the Banu tripe Hot pot operation.

the second step is to increase the nutritional delicious mushroom soup. So far, crisp and delicious mushroom soup and duck become a distinctive feature of the Banu Hot pot belly.

the third step, the catering industry should be to "eat" is essential in the business should be to simplify the direct source, therefore Banu adhere to the "take good care of the customer’s mouth" as the management core. Many old customers said: "service is not the Banu characteristics, duck and the mushroom soup is!"

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