Sichuan Jiange to return home to start a green channel

hard work, slow work, these two problems have been restricting the improvement of the level of public services in china. In order to further accelerate the pace of migrant workers entrepreneurship, Guangyuan Jiange County special Easy Access, solve the existing problems for business licensing, improve work efficiency.

"clean and efficient, warm service, recently, Guangyuan Jiange county administrative service center received a home business farmers sun Linggui sent a banner," the first day of delivery materials, second days received a planning permit."

originally working in the Guangdong sun Linggui 2015 home business. December 3, 2015, in Jiange county government service center window for the application of the project planning permission, second days to get the documents. High efficiency thanks to the government service center launched 1+5 innovative service model. "1" refers to the entire agency, the center set up the entire agency parallel approval window, unified acceptance of the application documents, the information distribution of the relevant functional departments of internal circulation, limited period by a unified comprehensive window. Fill in one form and finish 13 projects.

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