How to open a flower shop decoration

to open a flower shop to attract the attention of consumers, but also need to have a unique store environment. Good store decoration can make your flower shop look more attractive, can bring more traffic to your store. So how to open a flower shop decoration?

With the increase of the number of

1. channel front.

2. storefront entrance to the left and right walls.

3. if the shop is long, the focus will be in the middle of the aisle.

4. if the wall is long, the focus is on the wall.

The use of

1. color: wall or ground, display color.

2. light adjustment: fill, distinguish the different colors of light and bright area.

3. sound guidance: such as music, water sound, wind chimes, etc..

4.POP production: posters, the production of small cards, the most common is the flower or special goods.

The use of

5. props: dolls, decorations, special shaped pots, vases, etc..

6. natural fragrance to lead customers.

Color Florist layout collocation

The color of the

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