Xihua County Rural station built Taobao

with the electricity supplier to the countryside to carry out activities, Taobao and other electricity supplier network platform began to gradually docking with rural resources, expand rural information services business, the establishment of a rural electricity supplier platform. New opportunities for rural entrepreneurship.

"the Taobao service station through the Alibaba interview, and officially launched operations in recent days, thanks to the help of business cadres." November 16th, Henan County, Xihua, the town of Liu Chunjie, the mother of the East Village of Taobao service station official said happily.

in commerce and industry cadre’s assistance, he passed the candidates successfully joined the rural Taobao partner team, a rural Taobao service station opened in the village. This year, double eleven period, Liu Chunjie learned that the price of the car wash more popular in the local, the villagers can not only use it to wash the car, but also can be used to flush the pigsty. So, he ordered 218 sets of car wash on the Internet, was quickly snapped up by nearby villagers.

the Bureau wide publicity to the farmers rural Taobao project development prospects and advantages, rooted in rural areas to create a good atmosphere for business promotion. We have also developed a strong support for the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce advice, to guide the entrepreneurial intentions of young people, through the creation of rural Taobao service station to achieve entrepreneurial dreams." The Bureau official said.

relying on commercial system reform of the new deal, the Bureau for the founder of the industrial and commercial registration open Easy Access, to provide quality services, and actively guide the rural service station Taobao trademark registration, improve the added value of agricultural products, enhance market competitiveness. At the same time, the Council also guide the local with local characteristics, a certain impact on the development of agricultural products brand, so that a large number of well-known local agricultural products out of Xihua with the network, are exported to all over the country. At present, the mother vermicelli, Xiaoyao Hu soup, black fungus and other local characteristics of agricultural products through the rural Taobao service station has become popular on the market. Since the founding of the rural Taobao service station, I buy things online than before to go shopping to buy more convenient." Tian Kou Tian village villagers Wang Guowang said.

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