Jilin Huinan County promote organic agriculture with modern characteristics

now governments are in the development of agriculture, at the same time, the transformation of the modern agriculture is imperative, in many places are proposed to the development of modern agriculture in Jilin, Huinan County, in order to promote the characteristics of modern organic agriculture introduced many measures.

grasp of agricultural industrialization, strengthen the green organic food raw material base certification, strengthen the agricultural product quality and safety supervision, the establishment of green organic agricultural products industry, promote the green clean planting mode, build agricultural brand advantage. The establishment of the county Huinan rice management office, in-depth promotion of "green rice China town", expand the "Huinan rice" brand influence; the depth of the development of hickory forest frog and other advantages of resources, improve the characteristics of value-added products and market share; on the construction of Chinese herbs, fruits and other agricultural industrial base, the new demonstration base of more than 2 the new green organic, pollution-free agricultural products identified more than 3.

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