The second Shandong youth e commerce contest launched a number of entrepreneurial policies to attrac

Internet in twenty-first Century as a relatively popular thing, there are a lot of young people are very interested in the at the same time, there are still a lot of young people is through the Internet to achieve the goal of entrepreneurship and rich, and many places for young people network entrepreneurship is to give a lot of policy support.

to create a good atmosphere to encourage youth entrepreneurship, to guide and help them to enhance entrepreneurial intention, enhance innovation capability, actively participate in entrepreneurial practice, effectively promote the Shandong youth employment and entrepreneurship, the League Committee decided in July to October organized the "Ru Cup" second session of the Shandong youth e-commerce competition.

the contest that not more than 40 years of age, teams or individuals can apply for entry. Participants in the form of entrepreneurial team to participate in the game, in principle, no more than 5 members of the team, each participant can only join a team, each team each team up to declare an e-commerce venture.

contest is divided into entrepreneurial intention group and official business group of two groups, divided into 1 first prize, two prize 2, third-prize 3. Among them, the intention to start the group one or two, three and other prizes were awarded a cash prize of $30 thousand, $20 thousand, $10 thousand. Official venture group one or two, three, respectively, were awarded a cash prize of $50 thousand, $30 thousand, $10 thousand.


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