Small business card to play the role of the need to carefully design

speaking of business cards, even if we are a consumer, there is no business, the same will not be strange, because in life can be encountered everywhere. However, the general business card is often only one name, position and contact, such a business card to get people’s attention will undoubtedly be very difficult. Therefore, if the owners want to make the business card to play a role, the issuance of such a business card can not be recognized. So, if you want to play the role of a small business card also need to carefully design.

due to business needs, I also printed a number of business cards. Whenever the customer needs, I will send them in due course. But after a while, I found that these cards do not play a big role, and sometimes even become a customer of the burden. See this situation, I think we must work on the design of the card.

after a period of investigation, I found that the name card is not simply printed on their address, telephone and supermarket goods, but should seize the customer psychology, make a name card for customers to use the contents of this name card have collectible value, then the name card can be played most incisive performance. Later, I will be on the back of the card on the train timetable, so that customers can use the business card travel.

when the customer into the store, I saw him carrying bags, it is estimated to catch the bus, so I gave him a piece of my name card. The customer looked at him and said, "thank you very much. I’m just going to take the train Thanks!" The customer was happy to leave, and a month later, he came to the door again, still holding the card I gave him. It seems that my business card really brought him convenience.

that day, our supermarket into a stranger, I see that he is a stranger. At the moment of payment, I handed him my business card. These cards are printed on the local bus route map. The customer received a name card, suddenly burst with joy, he said happily: "thank you, boss, I was worried about I do not know how the car? Thanks to your business card, I must keep it!"

my card is divided into several categories. These cards are printed on the front of the supermarket’s address and telephone, some printed behind the train timetable, some printed bus routes, as well as printed with health knowledge, etc.. According to the different groups of people to give them a different business card, after a period of time, did receive an unexpected effect.

is this from the perspective of the customer’s business card printing, so that customers feel the real convenience, such a card can really play a greater role. Because of this, there are a lot of customers call to make a reservation or let me deliver goods, which makes my supermarket revenue increased a lot. See this, my heart >

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