Hefei the first youth entrepreneurship forum registration activity is about to open

a new generation of entrepreneurs are able to recognize the importance of the platform, and actively participate in a variety of business platform competition. Recently, Hefei’s first Youth Entrepreneurship Forum will be landing in Luyang District, providing a platform for the community to provide a platform for the demonstration and performance.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation", as the youth can not be ignored in the tide of social entrepreneurship, which has become increasingly prominent in the field of social entrepreneurship and the important role of social service level. In December 23rd, Hefei City, the first Youth Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in Luyang to create a top philanthropist, social entrepreneurship atmosphere, explore the guidance of public power of youth, youth and promote public welfare organizations and the government, enterprises, media exchanges and cooperation, improve the support system of social entrepreneurship.

project examination time for the January 9th – Recommended

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