Network customer service what taboo

as long as the open shop, naturally there is no need for a variety of customer service, and customer service attitude, will be able to directly affect the store’s business development. In fact, the network is a lot of customer service taboo, which requires the attention of shopkeepers. So, what are the network customer service taboo?

now almost every project headquarters are to provide network marketing training, it is also affected by the current electronic commerce development, entrepreneurs either through direct sales network, or set up a website as a promotion platform, all cannot do without the network, also cannot do without the network for customer service, and customer communication counseling.

as a network service to you, on behalf of the company’s image, because the other side can not see your products, and customer service only through communication and understanding, therefore, whether you do it yourself, or ask someone to do, want to let you and your people pay attention to the following points:


taboo: not enthusiastic

what would you think if you were a client and met a cool customer service? Spend money to buy cold face, it is estimated that no one can stand. So for the network customer service staff is not enthusiastic, indifferent attitude is the most taboo in the sale, no matter what happened to you, don’t put personal emotions to work, to understand and to make money.

taboo two: impatient

as a sales staff, and consumers in different patient communication is very important, perhaps the problem is familiar to you not familiar with, but for other people, he did not understand how could explain, what is the big deal? Or that some customers are more trouble, problems, attitude is also very poor, but as a network customer service staff, you still have to give him patience to say.

in fact, as long as the other party to find you, how much of your product or service is always a bit of interest, or who have nothing to deliberately run to find your stubble? On the other hand, we are in the consumer, is also sure to ask very clearly, I hope the other side to be able to answer the question, is not it?

taboo three: too absolute

market is a buyer’s market, similar products, the same product, the same price products very much, so any products are not absolutely good, there is no absolute bad, since consumers find us in so many products, we must objectively tell consumers, let consumers know that you are in the sense of the product, rather than rely on exaggerated brag to deceive each other.

taboo four: find reason

Three points below


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