80 sanitation workers to open a toy store monthly profit of over ten thousand

the children, as long as they see the toys, are almost fascinated. Parents can not timely home toys piled up, they have to buy them. The toy market is very hot, so it is a good choice to open a toy store. Today, the story of the hero is a boss of the toy store, the monthly profit of over million.

at an adult toy store Hankou new beauty magic theme Plaza on the first floor, thirty-one year old owner Jiang Minyao sitting on a pile of true to life toys, let people see no age, "selling toys let me heart". Half a year ago, Xiao Jiang found a magic toy store on the Internet, the so-called magic toy store, is based on the types of toys, nature and create a prototype, divided into a variety of topics, such as film and television theme toys, games theme toys etc..

Xiaojiang magic toy shop about fifteen square meters, the monthly rent of 5000 yuan, the monthly sales of 12 thousand yuan can be guaranteed. In a shopping mall in the street, the reporter saw Wang Jun, he can have hundreds of things in the magical toy store, are very strange. Wang Jun a table, a black spider climbed to the reporter’s eyes, really scared the reporter a jump. Wang Jun said, this is can control it with sound activity toys. In a relaxed atmosphere, Wang Jun talked about the past.

1996, Wang Jun took his father’s class start, sanitation workers, work every day is very monotonous, with a shovel of garbage, hard work often tired Wang Jun secretly tears, then pay only 300 yuan per month. 3 years later, Wang Jun left the sanitation post, help my cousin do book business, working is three or four years. During this period, Wang Jun learned how to communicate with others, but also learn to do things for people, but also learned how to do business.

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