The repair can be a monthly income of 8000 yuan

a lot of people think that the repair of low entry barriers, but is minor, can not earn a lot of money. Yuzhong District of Monument for Liberation is a 85 year old shoemaker Liu Qingyun, just love pondering those with old shoes "Difficult miscellaneous diseases". A few years ago, the popular shoes, now in fashion, put on the home can not wear, throw not willing to give up, how to deal with this kind of shoes? The old man came up with a coup, the cusp changed into a round head, old shoes "back to life", popular lady sought after. Now enter the end of the year, Liu Qingyun recorded 8000 yuan monthly repair shop.

let old shoes "revive"

the vamp and the sole are good, but the toe uncomfortable, change the toe. But the change of what kind of shoes? 85 year old Liu Qingyun specially went to the department store near the careful study of some, found that the most popular shoes. So, the old man began to sharp change round". After his hand, the whole process of changing the cost of the process but spent 30 yuan, a pair of outdated pointed shoes became fashionable round shoes.


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