Ya’an instant settlement network is very convenient for foreign personnel

in life, every year there will be a lot of social work friends. However, due to the lack of local people, when sick, usually a series of problems. In response to this phenomenon, the immediate settlement of the city of Ya’an to form a city wide coverage, a great convenience to foreign personnel.

for the convenience of people in the field of medical treatment can achieve instant settlement, Ya’an City medical insurance bureau to accelerate the work of the provincial medical institutions to access the platform. In the successful completion of the city people’s Hospital, county hospital, asbestos asbestos based County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine on the provincial network, recently, and Ya’an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Heng Bo (Group) Ya’an hospital, Ya’an Renkang hospital three medical institutions designated by the Provincial Bureau of audit, formally incorporated into the Province of remote medical immediate settlement network.

up to now, there are six hospitals successfully access remote medical platform at the provincial level, and another two hospitals to complete the test and report to the Provincial Bureau of audit, four hospitals are networking test, the expansion work is completed, will form an immediate settlement network covering the city’s 6 County 2 area, convenient field personnel greatly, promote personnel flow.

in the process of economic development, many of our workers at their homes, to make their own contribution to the development of the city. In order to give migrant workers, more attentive service, give them more care, we need to constantly improve the relevant system.

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