Lu Wan Wan rice join process

Lu Wan fast food brand can be described as a complete range of specialty fast food restaurants, is really a fast meal, simple operation is known. Its food and beverage category is not only fast food category, as well as a variety of nutritional soup, pasta, etc.. Barrels of rice is its flagship brand features. Because it allows consumers to enjoy the meal in the shortest possible time, and good taste, and therefore welcomed by consumers.

Lu bay enterprises in the country to introduce advanced technology too late to invest in the construction of domestic rare cold production and distribution center, covering the province’s sales market to become the leading supplier of frozen distribution. At the same time, but also the introduction of Europe and the United States, Japan, Taiwan, advanced equipment and quick-frozen cold storage, the formation of ultra low temperature and rapid production of the main series of food and beverage supporting large enterprises.

Lu Wan Wan rice joined

join process:

1, consulting matters.

2, visit visit headquarters.

3, visit the store, taste dishes.

4, read the details provided by the company.

5, project negotiations, fill in the intention to join the application form.

6, review the application materials, signed a contract of intent to pay deposit.

7, free on-site assistance site selection, business district survey.

8, signed a formal contract.

9, headquarters to provide professional decoration design, guide store decoration construction.

10, headquarters to provide decorative materials supply support.

11, equipment ordering, installation, commissioning.

12, restaurant staff recruitment.

13, standardized service, technical and management training.

14, to provide a full set of eighteen of the management manual.

15, the headquarters of the store operation practice.

16, headquarters to provide tableware, clothing, materials and other supply support.

17, headquarters to provide business license for the relevant procedures.

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