Shenzhen to implement a more competitive and sophisticated personnel training introduction policy


lack of entrepreneurial innovation has not been the capital or talent and technology, is the lack of good business projects, in order to solve this problem, Shenzhen began to implement the college full-time students leave school business, implement a more competitive high-tech talents import policy.


high-tech talent

according to "several initiatives", in the introduction of talent cultivation, Shenzhen next five years will focus on training a group of growth for China academy, China Academy of engineering talent and fight for 3-4, focusing on the introduction of the Nobel prize, the national outstanding hi tech science and Technology Prize winners and academicians etc. about 15 people. The newly elected academicians of the city and the new introduction of outstanding talent, 1 million yuan per person to work and grants of $6 million subsidy. Each Academy of culture to give a training unit of 5 million yuan reward.

"peacock plan" will continue to deepen and expand. Municipal finance investment of not less than 1 billion yuan per year, for the cultivation and introduction of high-level personnel and team at home and abroad. After the identification of the national leading talent, local level leader talent, reserve talent and overseas class A, class B, C class talent, were given 3 million yuan, $2 million, $1 million 600 thousand reward incentives. Judged by the high-level talent at home and abroad, the team + project, giving a maximum of 100 million yuan subsidy.

data show that as of the end of 2015, high-level professional personnel, I found a total of 5652 people, one of the outstanding personnel 14 people, the national leading talent 242 people, local leading talent 1591 people, recommended

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