The Tsinghua University website said suspected attack information from S

recently, the Tsinghua University website allegedly attacked page tampering by hackers, looping islamic. However, the current IS has not publicly acknowledged that this event is what they do.

a Tsinghua students on the 18 "Global Times" reporter said that the hacker attack is true, the relevant page has been restored. He said that although it was suspected that the Department of IS hackers, but the conclusion has not yet been finalized. Reporters call the Propaganda Department of Tsinghua University 18, did not get more response.

"fresh times" said, for the attack and the source of information technology center, Tsinghua University "looking for reasons". Some analysts said that the black is limited to the website of the deposit notice. The site of the attack has nothing to do with the students’ information, which can eliminate the possibility of committing the crime. After the incident, Tsinghua University quickly shut down the server to prevent further spread. "Fresh times" called on students "do not speculate on this incident blindly IS network technology strength".

"vice president of China information security" magazine Qinan 18 days to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, hackers must have traces, Tsinghua University also has international well-known network security team, should be able to make further investigation and Analysis on the matter. However, the network attack is very complex, from an attack traced to the presence of great uncertainty. Qinan believes that network security has become one of the biggest problems in the world today, regardless of the general website or university portal should be strengthened to prevent.

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